What is Cryptwire?

Cryptwire is a service that provides analytics, insights and bot optimisation tools exclusively to Cryptohopper users.

Our aim is to turn your trading data into knowledge and understanding to ultimately provide you with ways to optimise your bot for better performance.

Why choose Cryptwire?

We're a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that believe in the change cryptocurrencies will bring to everyone's daily lives, whether that is by trading, developing or by using it as real world currencies.

We like to see people do well in the space and put all our effort into making that happen. Our goal with Cryptwire is to help you optimise your bot and see better performance and return on investment.

What are Cryptwire’s features?

We offer various analytics and optimisation tools for your Cryptohopper trading bots not available anywhere else. You can see our most popular features here and some of our upcoming features here

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